The Latest Technology for Ford Mustangs

The Latest Technology for Ford Mustangs

The recent launch of the sixth generation 2015 Ford Mustang comes with an array of new technologies. The popular sports car will come with a variety of drive modes that improves on the driver experience when on the roads. The options give the drivers the ability to custom tune the steering using sport, comfort, and standard settings. The driver modes work such that it adjusts the throttle response, steering effort, shift, and stability control. The modes are four that include track, snow wet, normal, and sport. These features are the latest technology for Ford Mustangs that makes it top sports car and in a class of its own.

The 2015 Ford Mustang comes with a new control system that helps with better acceleration. The driver can adjust the speed and brake using the button located on the center stack. It has Blind Spot Information System (BLIS) to alert drivers of obstacles when on the road. The BLIS uses the Doppler Effect radar sensors for distance accuracy purposes.

One of the technologies that have been long overdue is the wheel pressure monitoring system. It will monitor the pressure of all the wheels and alert the driver when it is low. There is a MyFord Touch technology with simplified controls and improved natural voice recognition accuracy. Ford SYNC connective system has a Bluetooth system that is used to access SYNC services and for voice recognition hands-free. The Track Apps allows drivers to get access to braking, acceleration, and handling of performance data via the instrument cluster screen. You can lock the engine, doors and trunk of the vehicle without using a key by just pushing a button on the center stack. It is because of the intelligent access start button.

The latest technology for Ford Mustangs brings new features that drive the competition of sports cars in the auto market to completely new level.


Most Loved Mustang Models

The Most Loved Mustang Models

Ford Mustang is one of the best chosen models by car lovers across the world. At present, Mustang has completed its 50th consecutive year of car production. Following are some of the most loved Mustang models that have grabbed the hearts of car lovers all over the world.

2007 Ford Mustang Shelby GT 500
This exotic car is provided with five hundred horsepower engine so as to give quick performance in road. Today, this model of Mustang is on high demand in the market. Updated comfort is a highlighting feature of all new Ford Mustang GT 500’s. One among the main features of this exotic car is 6 speed manual transmission. Mustang Shelby GT 500 is an apt choice for all in search of a car that can provide full gear synchronization. To enhance the sleek appearance of car, it is also provided with 17 inches silver painted aluminium wheels. Apart from the above specified features, this fabulous car from Ford is also provided with stunning features like HID headlamps with signature lighting.

’86 Mustang SVO
’86 Mustang SVO with turbo four cylinder power had already captivated the minds of car lovers. Some of the highlighting features included in this sleek car include bolstered bucket seats, five speed formats and four wheel disc brakes. Apart from the above specified features, this car is also provided with highlighting features like dual plane rare spoiler and performance suspension with quadra-shock in back technology. It is a perfect choice for all in search of a car that can provide high performance in road.

’84-95 GT Mustang
This model of Mustang is one among the eye captivating models that can provide fantastic performance on road. It is provided with five powered 215 horse powered engine that assure guaranteed performance while driving on road. If you are in search of an exotic car with 24’lb/hr injectors and a ported trick flow intake, this car is will be the top among list. Apart from the above specified features, this sleek car from Mustang is also provided with features like calibrated Pro-M meter, high flow exhaust and AFR 165 heads.

1987 Mustang GT
1987 Mustang GT car is available in both five speed transmission and in four speed auto transmission modes. It is highlighted with exotic features like rear wheel drive, front engine and 3-door sedan or 2-door convertible. Engine type provided in this Mustang car is provided with Ford EEC IV engine control system. V-8 engine of car with iron block and heads assure great performance on road.

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Why Mustangs Are So Popular

mustang2Ford Mustangs have become a significant part of our culture. Even people that are not car buffs can easily recognize these vehicles on the road. In fact, it is one of the most popular vehicles ever manufactured. Perhaps that is because it is affordable, reliable, and fun to drive.

It is no secret that we love our cars. We have created quite a car culture all over. We love epic road trips. We depend on these amazing machines to get us just about everywhere. We even seek refuge in our cars, sometimes looking for excuses just to get behind the wheel. It is no wonder that Mustangs have become so popular. People who love cars appreciate vehicles that harness power. There are certainly more exotic vehicles out there to admire. This make and model, however, has everything that most people look for in a car that they can drive every day. It is powerful, functional, and stylish.

Owners of Mustangs can go on and on about how much they love their cars. These cars are popular among teenagers, baby boomers, professionals, and soccer moms. Anyone that has one of these vehicles can tell you that they are perfect for just about any need. Plus, they do the job of getting you noticed on the road.

Be sure to look into all of the extra accessories that you can add to your Mustang. From gearshift knobs and arms rests to mufflers, there are a many great products out there for Mustang enthusiasts. There are also many car shows, online forums, and publications dedicated to this ride. It is easy for anyone that loves their Mustang to get in touch with others that feel the same way. Many would venture to say that owning a Mustang is a hobby in of itself.

Imagine pulling into your driveway in one of the most coveted cars in the country. Your neighbors will envy you. Your friends will admire you. Family members will beg you for a ride. Most importantly, you will be able to ride in comfort and style. Your car is a personalized toy. It is not only for your enjoyment but also for your transportation. You can’t run your daily errands without a vehicle. So why not cruise in style? Ford Mustangs are perfect for every lifestyle. Whether you’re a bachelor or a family man, there is a model that properly suits your individual needs. These cars are spacious enough for a company, yet compact enough to park comfortably. In addition,  the gas mileage is great.

The Internet also makes Mustangs popular through the extensive research and information people share online.  Some Mustang lovers even have their own page, similar to what I have.  I even use an SEO company in Baltimore to help me get it noticed in the search engines!

All you have to do is choose a color. You don’t have just to imagine owning one of the many Mustangs available in your hometown. You can park one in your garage today. Let a car salesman direct you to the automobile of your dreams. The prices are unbelievably affordable. You can leave with a quality car that will impress you with its durability and appeal. Visit a dealership today.

Review of the 1966 Mustang

1966_00101_01wbThe 1966 Mustang car was very popular at the time. There was not many changes made to this car for that years model. The main change that it had done to it was to its grille. A few trim pieces here and there were also changed. However, they were only redesigned a little.

There were three models of the 1966 Mustang. These models were: the two-door convertible, the two-door fastback and the two-door hardtop. Each of these models came with many options.

All of the engine choices for these cars have been the same since 1965. The standard engine option is a three speed manual with a two hundred cubic inches six cylinder. The horsepower of these models is one hundred and twenty. All of the V-8 models had two hundred and eighty nine cubic inches. The Challenger had a horsepower of two hundred.

The Mustang was also given a package with GT options. These GT options were also available for the Challenger. The outside of this car included especially designed GT badges. Its signature being a GT three-bar stripes was located on the bottom of the badge.

The Hardtop Mustang was incredibly successful. It was not as expensive as the other models. Its performance and visual aids were very attractive to the eye. The cost of the Hardtop has remained affordable.

The Fastback Mustang did not sell as quickly as the Hardtop did. However, it did sell more than the Convertible. This particular model included back seats that could fold. Its luggage area is extremely large.

The Convertible Mustang did not change much in its appearance. Nor did its production in 1966. The cost of the convertible grew a little. It has since remained steady compared to its other models.

The 1966 Mustang did not have much competition with other cars. The Plymouth Barracuda and the Chevy Corvair were the only cars in competition. In 1966, these greatly reduced. The back engine of the Corvair was the only real competition to the Mustang.

The 1966 Mustang was known for not a fantastic performance. However, it was still reasonable. This car is still available for purchase today. You will not have difficulty in finding it. Its price is also affordable.

The only real downside to the 1966 Mustang is that many have experienced great change to it. If you want it restored back to what it first was, it would take a lot of work.